We offer the possibility to all companies in the sector (workshops, car repairers, electricians) to offer the engine management system development service by reprogramming the electronic injection control unit, through the purchase of our  ECU Service "

By becoming our installers you will have constantly updated state-of-the-art equipment that will allow you to work on most of the vehicles on the market. With a  few simple steps  you will be able to reprogramme the supported vehicles and guarantee the best results for your customers. 

Your instrumentation will be connected to our Technical Center and you can directly request the customized software for the   electronic control unit according to your specific needs or requests from your customers. customers.



Customization of the operating parameters of the engine control injection system according to the specific requests with the possibility of modifying the delivery curves and other various parameters.

Injection system failure solution

The constant updating allows us to solve and improve various parameters of modern electronic injection systems. Examples:

  • It is possible to repair or permanently inhibit some DTC diagnostic faults by improving the general operation of the engine and related electronic systems and drastically reducing excessive consumption and emissions caused by the malfunction.
  • The malfunction of the EGR exhaust gas recirculation system which causes a strong increase in consumption and polluting emissions, can be easily repaired and restored with an update developed specifically to eliminate the defect, bringing consumption and emissions back to even better values than the new vehicle .
  • Breakage of the SWIRL system of the intake manifold or of the VSA engine shut-off throttle
  • Malfunction of the lambda probes on cars with LPG or CNG systems

Fuel Saving

Specific calibrations to optimize and decrease the average fuel consumption, improving elasticity and fluidity with improved delivery of engine torque, in compliance with anti-pollution standards.