Welcome to FulMotorsport

FulMotorsport  is a company specialized in the development of electronic control units  in the automotive sector. It was born in 1998 on the basis of a strong passion for the world of engines and electronic management systems by a "team" made up of the best technicians and engineers in the sector, each of them specialized thanks to the experience acquired during their occupations. The shared love for engines and automotive performance has led us to combine the fruits of labor to concentrate on one service, the maximum for electronics applied to engines.

Work and Development Methodology

All available calibrations are entirely developed by Team FulMotorsport. The applications cover most of the vehicles available on the market with Petrol, Diesel, LPG or CNG fuel supply. Production mainly follows three phases:


We analyze the data collected with our instruments on the serial vehicle. Through our experience it is possible to make an assessment of the car's improvement margin and the optimization that can be achieved.

Development and Realization

Following the trace outlined during the analysis, we test the new calibrations until a satisfactory result is achieved. Our equipment in this phase has a fundamental function and allow us to achieve the best possible values.

Test and Control

We test and thoroughly check every new  elaboration  on the road to verify the sensations you feel behind the wheel.


Our customers can book the intervention for their car by contacting us by phone. The expected duration for the job is, for most vehicles it is about 2/3 hours. The intervention includes:

  1. proof of the original car
  2. new engine ECU software calibration (which can also be customized on specific customer request)
  3. finally the new test to ascertain the increases obtained


We would like to specify that ready-made software is never used.

On each car we work on, the original file is read, calibrated and subsequently programmed in the control unit. Thanks to this process it is also possible to carry out customized calibrations.

The car can be restored with the original software for free on reservation.